Obligasi tahun 1948 dilelang

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Sumber : BBC Siaran Indonesia, Diperbaharui pada: 02 Oktober, 2008 – Published 11:35 GMT

Uang kertas 1 Juta Poundsterling
Penjualan dilakukan lewat lelang di London

Surat oblitasi bernilai 1 juta poundsterling berhasil dilelang dengan harga £78.300, dua kali harga perkiraan semula.

Lelang dilakukan di kota London.

Surat obligasi, dengan nomor 000008, diterbitkan setelah Perang Dunia Ke II sejalan dengan paket bantuan yang dikenal dengan nama Marshall Plan.

Marshall plan adalah program pendanaan Amerika Serikat untuk membantu Eropa Barat bangkit setelah konflik tahun 1939-1945 itu.

Tahun 1977 satu surat obligasi lain, dengan nomor 000007, terjual dengan harga delapan ribu poundsterling melalui penjualan dibalik layar. Lagi

Late al-Qaida 9/11 video warns of Afghan attacks

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Sumber : Yahoo! News via Yahoo! Alerts By LEE KEATH, Associated Press Writer Fri Sep 19, 5:41 PM ET

CAIRO, Egypt – Al-Qaida threatened major new attacks in Afghanistan and dismissed setbacks in Iraq, vowing to continue its fight in a video marking the Sept. 11 attack, released Friday more than a week after the anniversary.

The lag in release, apparently due to problems in militant Web sites where al-Qaida posts its videos, raised questions among counterterror specialists over whether the terror network’s propaganda machine was faltering.

The delay deflated what is usually a media splash for al-Qaida. In previous years, it released a string of videos on the attack’s anniversary, featuring leaders trumpeting triumphs. Osama bin Laden spoke in one last year, making his first appearance in nearly three years.

Al-Qaida had promised a similar event this year, announcing in a Sept. 8 Web advertisement that it would release a video that would bring joy to its followers. It sought to build drama by promising a surprise speaker, showing him in silhouette with a question mark over his face. Lagi

Soldier tells of Taliban ordeal

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Sumber : BBC News via Yahoo! Alert to Book Hunger Club

Pte Robin McDermott

Pte Robin McDermott could be returning to Afghanistan

A soldier has spoken of his ordeal after being shot by the Taliban while on patrols in Afghanistan.

Pte Robin McDermott, 19, of Inkberrow, Worcestershire, was injured during a six-month tour of duty with the Mercian Regiment’s Second Battalion.

He was injured in an ambush and found himself without a gun stuck between his platoon, who did not know where he was, and the Taliban.

He was stuck in an irrigation ditch for 10 minutes before being rescued.

Pte McDermott said he was shot through the leg during an ambush on a night patrol and his section commanders pulled out, still thinking he was with them. Lagi

Publisher speeds up release of book about Muhammad

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Sumber : Yahoo! News via Yahoo! Alerts to Book Hunger Club, By HILLEL ITALIE, AP National Writer 50 minutes ago

NEW YORK – With British publication in doubt for Sherry Jones‘ “The Jewel of Medina,” the U.S. publisher of her controversial novel about the Prophet Muhammad has moved up the release date from Oct. 15 to Monday.

“By speeding up the publication, we wanted to reduce or eliminate the chance of violence,” Eric Kampmann, president of Beaufort Books, said Thursday, noting that three men were arrested in London last weekend for a fire-bomb attack on the offices of publisher Gibson Square.

“What had occurred in London, we didn’t want to have occur here. We wanted people to have a chance to read the book. Once they read the book, we thought the violence part of this story would disappear and people would be focusing on the story, and the book and Sherry.” Lagi

“Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?”: U.S. book says maybe

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Sumber : Yahoo! News vi Yahoo! Alerts to Book Hunger Club By Claudia Parsons Wed Sep 17, 9:50 AM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Many experts put the chances of terrorists using a nuclear bomb much lower than public fears would indicate, a leading expert argues in a new book

“Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?” examines the history and psychology of nuclear terrorism, including whether or not terrorists could build a nuclear bomb, and if so, how bad it would be and how governments can prepare and avert disaster.

Author Brian Michael Jenkins is a senior adviser at the RAND Corp think tank who has written about nuclear terrorism since the 1970s. His new book was released this week by Prometheus Books.

Jenkins asked 180 experts, including intelligence officials, senior military officers, government officials and nuclear scientists, to rate the probability that terrorists would successfully detonate a nuclear bomb in the next 10 years. Lagi

‘Going Dutch’ is elegant and thought-provoking

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Sumber : Yahoo! News via Yahoo! Alert to Book Hunger Club By JONATHAN LOPEZ, For The Associated Press Mon Sep 15, 5:47 PM ET

Going Dutch: How England Plundered Holland’s Glory” (Harper. 432 pages. $35), by Lisa Jardine: In November 1688, Prince William of Orange, the elected leader of the Dutch republic, set sail from the port of Hellevoetsluis in command of a 450-ship invasion fleet bound for England.

William’s 20,000 troops landed on the coast of Devon, marched to London and deposed King James II, who was allowed to flee to France after a brief period of captivity. Coercing the approval of Parliament, William and his wife then usurped James’ throne, assuming the roles of king and queen of England. Or, at least, that’s one way to describe what happened.

This revisionist account of the Glorious Revolution — a watershed moment that’s more often seen as a rejection of James’ abusive rule by his own subjects — forms the centerpiece of London University professor Lisa Jardine‘s elegant and thought-provoking new book, “Going Dutch,” a sweeping chronicle of the intellectual, political and cultural links forged between England and the Netherlands during the 17th century. Lagi

Dexter Filkins is among fine war writers

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Sumber : Yahoo! News via Yahoo! Alert to Book Hunger Club By HENRY C. JACKSON, Associated Press Writer Mon Sep 29, 1:45 PM ET

The Forever War” (Alfred A Knopf. 384 pages. $25), by Dexter Filkins: For generations, war correspondence has been a hallowed art of journalism, a specialty craft in which even the most deft and skilled writers often fail — or for good reason never endeavor to try.

Dexter Filkins is one of war writings modern marvels, a writer of tremendous gifts and the appropriate grit to go where others will not. His newspaper work has put him in a pantheon of fine war writers and his remarkable new book, “The Forever War,” is a testament to why he belongs.

The author, a foreign correspondent for The New York Times, has braved the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and crafted his experiences into a vivid living history of Islamic terrorism‘s rise in the late 1990s and America’s fitful efforts to contain it on into the 2000s. Lagi

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