Bush touts Iraq troop reduction, not big picture

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Sumber : Yahoo! News via Yahoo! Alerts, By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press Writer Wed Sep 10, 12:52 AM ET

WASHINGTON – President Bush boasts that he’s bringing 8,000 troops home from Iraq by February. What he doesn’t say is he’ll leave office with more troops there than before last year’s big military buildup and few options for shoring up the force in increasingly violent Afghanistan.

The bottom line of Bush’s troop announcement on Tuesday is that the U.S. military footprint in Iraq largely will stay intact for the rest of the year when he’ll pass command of the wars to his successor. Bush is sending more troops to Afghanistan, but Democrats say it’s not enough. Lagi


House girds for 2nd try on financial rescue

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Sumber : Yahoo! News via Yahoo! Alerts

By CHARLES BABINGTON and JULIE HIRSCHFELD DAVIS, Associated Press Writers 48 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – House members are getting another chance to vote on a financial bailout bill that has infuriated millions of voters after the Senate added tax cuts and other sweeteners and passed it handily.

Senators advanced the much-criticized measure in a 74-25 vote late Wednesday, sending it to the other side of the Capitol for a showdown vote expected Friday. The move was calculated to win over enough dissenting House members to get the bill through and reverse Monday’s stunning defeat in the House. Party leaders there planned to press rank-and-file members Thursday for the dozen converts they believe they need. Lagi